Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

Dealing with disputes can be stressful and time consuming for clients. Our dispute resolution department aims to relieve clients of the burden of disputes and give clients peace of mind that they are receiving quality advice.

We pride ourselves on effective negotiation as a legitimate alternative to litigation as fairer settlements can be reached in a fraction of the time and at a greatly reduced cost. If a dispute results in court proceedings, we can guide clients through the complexities of litigation, always striving to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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We advise clients on a diverse range of domestic and international disputes including:

  • Contract, negligence, corporate and partnership disputes, probate and estate disputes, insolvency and debt recovery.
  • Contentious issues in connection with residential and commercial property such as possession claims (including removing trespassers), service charge disputes, rent arrears dilapidations claims and boundary disputes.
  • Entertainment, music and media disputes including management disputes, royalty claims, breach of confidence claims and all disputes involving intellectual property issues.

"Kate's willingness to go beyond our expectations afforded us hope while her exceptional legal counsel brought us success."

Paul Collins