Music, Entertainment and Media

Music, Entertainment and Media

We are recognised as one of the leading UK law firms for music lawyers, entertainment lawyers and media lawyers.

Our clients include recording artists, songwriters, record and production companies, publishers, managers, producers, promoters, recording studios, agents, PR companies, merchandising companies, fashion designers, writers, video producers, photographers, artists, fashion models and TV presenters.

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We advise on all aspects of entertainment law, music law and media industry law including the following types of agreements:

  • Recording Contracts
  • Producer Contracts
  • Management Contracts
  • Partnership/Band Contracts
  • Songwriting/Publishing Contracts
  • Merchandising Contracts
  • Branding and Image Rights Contracts
  • Promoter and Agency Contracts
  • Artist Website Contracts
  • Catalogue acquisitions and disposals
  • Distribution Contracts
  • A&R Executive Contracts
  • Video Production Contracts
  • Concert Performance and Touring Contracts
  • Book/Publishing Contracts
  • Sponsorship Contracts
  • Endorsement Contracts